Our Service

Hydraulic- hoses & Fittings with Fire & heat Protection-  Guards, High pressure Quick-release Couplings(700-bar), Hydraulic Equipments & Cylinders, Valves, Filters, Seals,Bearings, Belts etc

HosExpress service at site .To save our customers’ valuable time & money,

we offer  24 hours  on-site hose assembly making service with well equipped  mobile- VAN facility.

services of gateway

  1. On site Mobile Workshop services for Hydraulic Hose assembly.
  2. Hydraulic Cylinder Repair and Testing.
  3. Hydraulic Pump and Motors Repairing
  4. Hydraulic Power pack Repairing and complete overhauling services with zone 1 & 2 standards.
  5. All types of Machining and Fabrication work.